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The fourth and final stage of Fortnite Season 7’s Prisoner skin can now be unlocked by completing a fire ritual near Wailing Woods.

Patch v7.40 appears to have activated this Challenge as the ritual location was unavailable prior to the update and players have only now discovered the quest.

Compared to the previous stages, stage 4 is extremely simple to complete and only requires the player to visit a specific location and have the previous stages unlocked.

Prisoner Stage 4 Unlock Location from r/FortNiteBR

Upon entering the ritual circle the pyres will be lit on fire, one by one. The prisoner will then form a smoke effect around it as it evolves into the final stage.

The ritual location is located north-east of Wailing Woods, in the upper-left corner of the map seated between two small hills. The below map shows exactly where to go.

Once the ritual has completed after roughly 5 seconds (per present player) the 4th stage will automatically be equipped as the player’s current skin.

Remember not to leave the match after completing this quest, the player must die by suicide, the storm, or an enemy player for the quest progress to save.

It’s recommended that players land here and complete the quest at the beginning of a match due to the easiness of the challenge, players can quickly complete it then head toward The Block or Wailing Woods for loot to continue their game.

What are your thoughts on the fourth and final stage of the Prisoner skin?

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