It Sounds Like It Could Be a While Until We Actually Get Apple’s Streaming Service – Gizmodo

It Sounds Like It Could Be a While Until We Actually Get Apple’s Streaming Service – Gizmodo
Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez (AP)

For months, reports have indicated that Apple was poised to give us a glimpse of its long-awaited Netflix competitor sometime this spring. Whether we will soon after have access to what increasingly sounds like an Apple Prime when the tech giant finally reveals it, however, is another story.

We’ve known about Apple’s forthcoming streaming service for what feels like an eternity. And now that multiple sources have reported it’s slated to be revealed in March, it would certainly seem like we can soon stop speculating whether the product will be a legitimate Netflix and Amazon Prime competitor or a sexless experiment in mediocrity. But Variety reported Friday that it could be many months before the service sees an official release:

Sources familiar with the plans say Apple’s video service will be targeted for a launch in summer or fall rather than the April timing that has been the subject of media speculation. Apple has vowed to its high-caliber producing partners to mount marketing blitzes on behalf of the shows in addition to the service itself.

Bloomberg and BuzzFeed News both reported this week that Apple planned to unveil its subscription video service as well as its subscription news service at a press event in March, with Bloomberg adding the event will boast a guest list of A-list celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon who are attached to Apple’s original entertainment projects. But according to Variety, “There’s an awareness that stars such as Aniston and Witherspoon do not want to take a back seat to promotion for the video service launch itself.”

Back in January, the Information reported that Apple was looking at a potential launch for the service sometime in April. CNBC also reported a targeted launch date of April this week. Citing sources familiar with the matter, however, Bloomberg reported that the service may launch sometime over the summer. And now, it seems, even fall is a possibility.

Much about the product seems like it’s still very much still being ironed out, such as which streaming services Apple plans to partner with on the product. Additionally, Variety said its insiders “cautioned that specific plans for the press event and how the video service will be introduced could be in flux until the minutes before Cook steps on stage.” So, there’s that.

Basically, it sounds like you shouldn’t hold your breath.


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Apex Legends: Respawn shares new details on future updates and teases Season 1 reveal livestream –

Apex Legends: Respawn shares new details on future updates and teases Season 1 reveal livestream –

Respawn Entertainment have posted a detailed update focused on answering a variety of questions from the Apex Legends community and detailing what fans can expect from future updates. 

Apex Legends hasn’t even been out two weeks and it’s already been blowing through milestones with impressive ease, all while racking up a player count of over 25 million. 

With a lengthy update posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, Respawn made it clear that they’re going to be aiming to reach new heights outside of the game by touching on a few major talking points that have arisen in the community over the last two weeks. 

Crashes and Bug Reports 

Respawn kicked off the update by letting fans know that they are taking reports of crashing on all platforms “seriously” and will be looking to improve things in the near future. 

Players can expect a new patch next week (no date was specified) that will seek to improve stability, performance, and other qualities of life. 

Additionally, Respawn went into great detail explaining the process of reporting bugs to ease many fears about reports being lost on deaf ears.


With over 25 millions players and counting, it’s no shock to hear that many cheaters have been spotted throughout the first two weeks of release. 

To date, Respawn confirms that over 16,000 players have been identified and banned from the game. Any players that run into cheaters are urged to use this tool to report them immediately. 

Even if you don’t have any proof, simply flagging the ID will allow Respawn to investigate the account and make sure that cheaters are dealt with as soon as possible. 

Ongoing communication 

Perhaps most important of all, Respawn laid out what will be a hefty and regular update schedule for the coming weeks. 

Posts to the Apex Legends subreddit will be made daily and while not all of them will contain major news, the open line of communication will surely be received positively by the community.

Upcoming livestreams dedicated to new content were also teased, with the first one confirmed to be centered around discussing the upcoming launch of Season 1 in March. 

You can read the full developer update from Respawn Entertainment below: 

2.15.2019: An Update From Respawn

Lots to talk about!


We know this has been frustrating for many of you across all platforms. We hear you and we take this issue seriously. Improving stability, performance, and quality of life is a big priority for us and we have a lot of work to do. We pushed our first patch out earlier this week and we’ve got many more coming [including one next week!]. We’ll always provide patch notes when these come out. No I can’t tell you what’s in it yet.


We’re always listening and looking for reported issues. As you can imagine, when you drop your game out of nowhere and 25 million people show up in the first week, there’s going to be all kinds of issues, bugs, exploits, etc. discovered. Our customer service team provides daily reports and many folks on the dev team are finding and emailing links of reported issues across social channels and reddit. We’ve also got some rad tools that capture all kinds of data from the game, measure sentiment, and provide insight into what the most talked about things are around Apex Legends.

When issues are reported they are curated by our wonderful QA team who attempts to reproduce the issue based on the info they have. If they are able to reproduce it, a ticket is created and they are added to the rest of the known issues, prioritized, scheduled, and assigned to the proper devs to address it. How do we prioritize? We use data to inform us of how many people are being affected, how damaging the exploit could be, how much resources it would take to fix it, etc.


If we can’t reproduce the issue locally, it’s pretty impossible to fix it. That’s why it’s super important that when you report an issue you’re experiencing, you provide as much information as possible. If you just post: “My game keeps crashing. Fix it.”, there’s not a lot we can do to help you, and we really want to help you!

So, help us help you. Best place to report bugs is using the link below and following some steps:

  • What platform are you playing on?
  • Origin ID / Gamertag / PSN
  • What were you doing leading up to the issue?
  • Can you reproduce it? What are the steps?
  • PC players – provide hardware specs, OS version and GPU driver version.
  • If possible, it’s great if you can capture a screenshot / picture or video.
  • Pay attention for dev updates.


As of today over 16,000 cheaters have been identified and banned from the game. Cheaters suck. If you run into one, please try and capture the evidence and let us know here:

Even if you don’t get proof, get their ID and flag it and we can investigate the account. We have heard your feedback about a report feature in the game. I’ll just say that’s a very good idea 🙂


Your trust is truly important to us. Seriously. We said at launch that we will always strive to be direct, honest, and as transparent as we can with all of you. This is how we’ll be starting to do that:

  • We’re going to start doing more regular updates like this moving forward. I’ll be making posts daily starting Tuesday next week. Not all of these will be ground breaking or major news but think of it as our way of checking in each day to address what we can.
  • Livestreams! As we speak, a production team is building a rad soundstage and set right here at Respawn. I can’t wait to get it up and running and start putting on shows with the team. We will debut our first developer stream around the launch of Season 1.
  • With the permission of you all and the mod team, I’d like to have a dedicated spot here where I can provide a list of troubleshooting tips for some issues folks are having.
  • Couple more things in the works that we’ll talk about more in the near future.

I wish I could respond to each and every one of you but it’s physically impossible. For context: I currently have nearly 6K responses and over 50 message requests in my inbox, and that’s just this subreddit. Trust me when I say that myself, and many folks on the team are here reading your posts and it’s been the best feeling seeing our baby out in the wild and taking on a life of its own through you.

Enjoy the weekend, be kind to each other, and have fun! Next update on Tuesday.

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2020 Ford Mustang To Get Power Boost – CarBuzz

2020 Ford Mustang To Get Power Boost – CarBuzz

The current-generation Ford Mustang has moved the pony car game on in a number of significant ways. Independent rear suspension, 10-speed auto ’boxes, and an efficient turbocharged four-cylinder engine have all made it a far more capable sports car than ever before.

That 310 horsepower turbo four was so good it ended up ousting the base V6 motor from the line-up in 2018. What was still missing though was a mid-range motor to bridge the gap between it and the 460-hp 5.0-liter V8. That may be about to be filled for the 2020 Mustang as a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration vehicle identification number filing, as identified by Hagerty, shows two variants of the familiar 2.3-liter turbo four in the upcoming engine range.

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Twitter May Be Holding On to DMs Long After You Think They’re ‘Deleted’ – Gizmodo

Twitter May Be Holding On to DMs Long After You Think They’re ‘Deleted’ – Gizmodo
Image: Richard Drew (AP)

Twitter has had a number of privacy issues recently, from failing to protect private tweets to surfacing deleted location information. Now, it appears Twitter may be holding on to data it claims it deletes.

TechCrunch reported Friday that it was able to dig up direct messages dating back years that were associated with deactivated or suspended accounts. The revelation, flagged by security researcher Karan Saini, indicates that attempting to scrub yourself from its servers may be futile, even if the site’s Privacy Policy claims that user-deactivated accounts will be “deleted.”

When asked by Gizmodo to clarify the insinuation that user data will be, in fact, be scrubbed if users deactivate their accounts, a spokesperson declined to comment.

As TechCrunch noted, Twitter states on its law enforcement guidelines page that after it or a user deactivates an account, “there is a very brief period in which we may be able to access account information, including Tweets.” But that TechCrunch was able to fetch messages from long-since deactivated or suspended accounts indicates that at least where direct messages are concerned, that data may be retained.

A spokesperson for the social media site told TechCrunch that it was looking into the matter.

It’s not a great look for a company that just last month said it “recognize[s] and appreciate[s] the trust you place in us, and are committed to earning that trust every day.” That was Twitter’s official response after it revealed that the tweets of some of its Android users who had the “Protect your Tweets” setting enabled may have in fact been public, thanks to a bug that disabled the privacy feature if some account changes were made.

Twitter also states in its Privacy Policy that it “believe[s] you should always know what data we collect from you and how we use it, and that you should have meaningful control over both.” But failing to delete data that it leads users to believe is wiped is, well, not that.


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Rumour: Nintendo Could Make Its First VR Announcement For Switch This Year – Nintendo Life

Rumour: Nintendo Could Make Its First VR Announcement For Switch This Year – Nintendo Life
Nintendo Labo Headset

An article by Emily Rogers over on Nintendo World Report suggests a VR-related announcement for the Switch could arrive as early as this year. This information allegedly comes from “multiple sources” as Rogers goes onto state how a “small, select number of traditional first-party software titles” could potentially receive VR support in the “not-so-distant future.”

GoNintendo added fuel to the fire, revealing how a “very trusted source” said VR support for the Switch was, in fact, true and Nintendo Labo would be one of the first games to support it. Right now, there are no details about what this rumoured Labo kit would contain or what it would be called.

Last October, at Seattle’s Geekwire Summit, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils- Aimé explained how Nintendo had been experimenting with VR technology but said it would need to be fun in order to get the green light:

“This is something we constantly think about, experiment with. For virtual reality, we’ve said: it’s tech that we’re looking at, but in the end it has to be fun. That’s our mission, and that is what we do arguably better than anyone else.”

While he had nothing to announce at the time, Reggie did mention how VR was a technology Nintendo would continue to experiment with in the future.

As noted by Nintendo World Report, there have been several signs Nintendo has been thinking about bringing VR to the Switch. Last August, data miners uncovered a screen-splitting “VR Mode” hidden within the Switch system firmware and in 2016 the hybrid device was reportedly delayed to enhance its VR capabilities. In the same year, the company also filed a patent application for a head-mounted display and just last month it was revealed Nintendo would be participating as an observer of a joint Japanese enterprise known as the VRM Consortium.

Based on the above-mentioned information, do you think VR is coming to the Nintendo Switch? Do you think it will arrive this year? Are you interested in using VR devices to play games? Tell us below.

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Samsung leaks lineup of new wearables in app update – CNET

Samsung leaks lineup of new wearables in app update – CNET

Samsung’s accidental sneak peek at its new lineup of wearable devices.


Samsung on Thursday inadvertently revealed its new lineup of wearable devices in an update to its Galaxy Wearable app. The leak, first spotted by SamCentralTech, shows a 40-millimeter fitness-focused smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch Active, heir apparent to Samsung’s previous fitness sport watch, the Gear Sport, which was released nearly 18 months ago. Also on the list of new devices is two apparent fitness bands called the Galaxy Fit and Fit E. The Fit E name first appeared in a Bluetooth certification listing spotted by The Android Soul last month.


Samsung leaks lineup of new wearable devices.

Steven Musil/CNET

The new products detailed in the update are expected to be unveiled next week with the Galaxy S10.

The leak also appears to confirm that Samsung will be bundling a set of its rumored wireless Galaxy Buds earbuds with preorders of the Galaxy S10. An image that leaked out last week showed what appeared to be the wireless earbuds, resting on the back of what might be the upcoming Galaxy S10 Plus and suggesting they can be charged wirelessly from the phone.

The Galaxy S10 — Samsung’s new flagship handset — is set to debut next Wednesday at Samsung’s Feb. 20 Unpacked event. At this point, we know just about everything there is to know about the Galaxy S10, given the staggering amount of leaks we’ve seen and highly credible rumors we’ve heard.

Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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